How He Decides If You're "THE ONE"??

I'd like to introduce you to a colleague
who can save you a lifetime of frustration
and heartache.

You may be familiar with him?

His name is TW Jackson, but he prefers
T Dub.

T Dub has helped save thousands of relationships
in over 67 countries around the world.

How can he help you?

By showing you that men need MORE than
love...if they are ever to see you as "the one".

What more can he possibly need than love?

==> T DUB explains here 

If he doesn't FEEL these certain things...EVEN IF
he loves you...a LOT...

He'll NEVER see himself with you for the
long term...

...Listen it's NOT your fault.

==> Here's what's going on with him

I don't know for sure?

But this is likely the most important
lesson about men I could EVER share with you.

I say that because I've known women who've hung
on to a man for years...knowing he "loved her"...but
devastated when he ends the relationship...

If she would've simply understood how he chooses

Finally...WHY MEN PULL AWAY...(And What You Can Do About It)

If you're up to it...I've got something
I want to ask you?

And then let's have a little discussion...okay?

Here's my question?

It's likely you've experienced a time when you
felt like your guy was "pulling a-w-a-y" from you...

Many times, to make it more maddening, it seems
like it happens right after you two had a fantastic
time together and seemed to connect...right?

Which leaves you totally freaked out because you don't know
what the heck happened?

Was it because?'ve moved too fast?...

...was it something you did?

...or is it just him?

My question...and I know it's a sensitive one is...

Have you ever felt like it was because ...

he was losing interest in YOU?

If you have...May I share a bit of
wisdom with you?

It'll make you feel better.

I learned this from, T Dub Jackson, a guy who's
helped save thousands of relationships
across the globe.

IMPORTANT Little known WISDOM: Men RARELY pull away from you because
of loss of in…

What Love Feels Like To A Man??

Wanna have some fun?

Imagine if your guy had a traffic light attached
to a chain which hung around his neck AND it
allowed you to see exactly where you stand with
him any given time.

Can you see it?

When the light goes...

Green = He pursues the "next level" with you all on his own.
Yellow = He's feeling caution...maybe you two should slow down.
Red = He's decided not to move forward, even though maybe he's not telling you.

How helpful would that be?


Since guys don't exactly come with physical "heart lights"...

==> This is the NEXT BEST THING

It's how YOU can see into HIS heart.

What you discover will allow you to understand WHERE you stand
with him


Give you a big insight into how MEN EXPERIENCE love.

I can't say you'll have x-ray vision...

but T Dub Jackson...

who's helped thousands of women take their relationship
to the next level, gives you a tool you can immediately use
to judge where you stand with your fell…

Use This Text Message To Grab AND Keep His Attention!

There's one big mistake most women make when they're texting a guy...

 Which practically ensures he'll leave you hanging....

rather than texting you back right away.

 And that mistake is:

 They don't text in a way that HOOKS HIS ATTENTION.

==>  Here's a text which hooks a man's attention

  You see, men are like puppy dogs:

 They're easily distracted by anything new...

 By shiny objects...

 And yes, sometimes by other women.

 And if your messages don't grab his attention...

 And force him to think about you when you're not around...

 He'll easily get pulled aside by something else...

 And he'll never develop those feelings of infatuation and obsession that make him desperate to hear from you...

 To be around you...

 And ultimately to lock you down.

 Fortunately, this text guarantees the man you send it to won't be able to stop thinking about you.

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When you send it to a guy...…

Make Him Desperate For You

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Why Getting Him To Love You Isn't Enough

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